Our Mission – Swami abhayanand
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Our Mission

तच्चिन्तनं तत्कथनमन्योन्यं तत्प्रबोधनम् ।

एतदेकपरत्वं च ब्रह्माभ्यासं विदुर्बुधाः ॥

Yoga Vasishta

(Thinking of it, speaking of it and making one another understand it – and having brahman as the only commitment is what the wise call Brahmābhyāsa.)

Our mission is to raise the consciousness and spirituality in the world by practicing & experiencing Vedic wisdom, divine knowledge and meditation step-by-step using traditional system of imparting knowledge like Gyana Yagnas, Sadhana Shivirs, Satsangs and running Gurukula which are designed to be tailored for the beginner through our advanced seeker.

Focus is given to provide the knowledge of Scriptures, Upanishads & Bhagwad Gita to all aspiring seekers as lovingly & selflessly as possible.The practical and universal benefits of divine Vedic knowledge and meditation are experienced by seekers through the gateway of Vedanta Philosophywhich are being applied by them in their daily life.

Thus our mission is to give a clear and harmonious path to guide and uplift seekers to the next level of spiritual growth and purity.Beginner seekers would then become intermediate; intermediate seekers would become advanced seekers, and advanced seekers would reach Samadhi or enlightenment.